Webcam Dancing Girls

Girls dancing in front of their webcams are full of ernergy and don't care to be seen as dumb. We love them!


Five dancers against the world

Why five girls dancing in their room, visibly having fun and doing no harm, unleash so violent comments ?

People are more or less used to the idea of girls above 20 years old having the right to adopt any attitude they want. But younger girls are still facing a lot of contradictory orders : be cute, be tame, be pure, be glamour. Be prepared to your sexualized woman role in society, but stay innocent. Who said double-bind ?

Dancing girls show themselves as both sexy and foolish. They evidently like their own body, but they seems not to care about their social status. It somehow break the appearance rules that older girls respect.


Dance trial turn to pseudo-fight

I don't really know if it's really that fun or that arousing to see girls starting dancing and ending pseudo-fighting, but, here it is for you to decide.

The Almodovarian mute dancing fool

Another mute dancing fool. I especially like the room, it looks like a set for an early Almodovar movie.

Blurry, pixelated, watermarked, mute Chantelle... So arty !

So here we have the worst case scenario of web video: a totally unoriginal video, with accidental absence of sound. We can barely see anything because of the very low resolution, and we get that annoying watermark right in the middle of the picture... (Wait, it goes off for a moment in the middle of the clip!)

Yet, it's so void and amateurish that I find it to be of high interest. That's the way I am.


"A dull, slow-witted, or socially inept person."

That's the definition of dork which happens to be the name of this mildly sexy dancing video - the most arousing part being the fast-food poster in the background.
But, hey, what a nice try to social self-destruction, especially if you add that she's describing her video as "me dancing like an idiot". And I really like when people are commited to make fool of themselves, because it mean less self-contempt and more self-abnegation.

Check her loser video too. Totally minimalistic ! Just her, grimacing for a mere 12 seconds, in close up. Face dancing, maybe ?

Flipped and unedited

This is a pretty standard one, but with two things that make me like it a little more than I should. First, the girl shot it in a portrait orientation but did not take the trouble to flip it, so you have that slightly surreal horizontal body dancing. And I really love the unedited movements at the start and end of the clip. Don't know why... It's just so raw. It's just so no-film.


Nikki Neal's one shot video

As far as I know, Nikki Neal made only this video. A bit of cuteness, a bit of naiveté, and Nikki Neal was linked to by everybody. Some say that she looks stupid, but remember it's on purpose : "Me being goofy".

Pomme & Kelly's Respect

Pomme & Kelly became instantly famous for posting their mouthing playback videos, back in January 2006. Since March 2006, they have removed all their videos, except for Respect. Lesson learn : play the fool, you'll be great !